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Why i like my mac

Posted by on April 23, 2009

Notice i said like, not love.  My mac is an inanimate object that i will toss like an old shoe when it stops working.  It serves me and i do nothing for it, with a good conscience.
That said, i do really appreciate my mac.  As most of you know, i am responsible for IT at Grace and have an IT background.  i decided long ago that computers were just tools.  I am not a computer geek because i would much rather spend time with people than a computer, but i do understand computers well and can appreciate the benefit computers bring us.
Recently, I’ve been referring people to make the change, to abandon their Microsoft habit, be brave and start on a new journey of hope.  Hope that your computer will spend more time serving you than fighting with you and trying to out think you (resulting in it doing things you don’t want it to do).  I am a recently new mac person, only been mac friendly for about two years now but i find myself saying often “I wish i had changed sooner!”
“Why??” you ask.  Simple reason; it just works.
I don’t need anti virus software, memory never fills up, the cpu never hangs, it doesn’t slow down over time, if one program gets stuck i can kill it with out effecting the rest of my computer and it runs all the software i need natively.  BTW, the last point is usually the argument people give for not switching to a mac.  My experience with mac software has been excellent.  First, it runs everything most people use: Microsoft office for mac (no access database), Adobe creative suite, quicken, firefox, quicktime, itunes, logos mac bible and ichat (for aim and gtalk).  Besides that there is an excellent list of free software that works incredibly well: neo office (Microsoft office replacement, with database), google picasa, google earth, macsword (bible software), vienna rss reader, comic life, etc…  Not to mention that it comes loaded with software: address book, dashboard, dvd player, safari browser, front row, garage band, imovie, iphoto, isync, itunes, mail, photobooth, preview, text edit and a slew of utility apps.  And if you’ve already got a small fortune wrapped up in Microsoft licensed software packages, dont fret.  Most software companies will swap your Microsoft license for a mac license upon request.  This has worked on every software package I’ve seen that supports both mac and PC.  Recently my brother switched and he has a ton of licensed software which each vendor traded him for a mac copy of the same software (some cost $20 for media and shipping).
So, if you find yourself tired of trying to figure out why your computer is running slow, won’t install or run a latest update, scanning for viruses constantly or just generally spending too much time keeping your computer running, consider switching to a mac and spending your new free time with friends and family.

Like it!