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Thoughts on worship – part 3

Posted by on September 10, 2010

If “Our purpose for the weekend worship service is to share God’s story and his purpose for mankind – such that it helps people take their next step in following Christ.” and “All of the music on the weekend, all of the dramas, all of the videos, all of the creative arts are intended to prepare our hearts to hear what God is saying to us so we can act on that all week long” as i stated in my previous post, then what can we expect to see at Grace in the future?

We will see the weekend worship service being vibrant and full of life; many people using their gifts to actively worship God with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their mind and with all their strength.  Together we will use everything we have to share the good news and God’s plan for how we should live. Together we will encourage others to take their next step in living a life that reflects the things Jesus did and taught.  New people to Grace will see our passion flow through our gifts, our church family will be inspired and encouraged to keep at the life we are called to live – to follow Christ with our life today.  This will bring glory to God, not only on the weekend, but as we carry out our life all week long.

Our building is full on the weekend, we are to the point of turning people away from the 11 AM service.  We are looking at ways to relieve some of the congestion on the weekend (more details in a later post), but whatever we do will be temporary.  We are growing again and hope to continue to reach more people.  As we reach the limits of our building, we have to find new ways of reaching people.  For us this will look like a continued movement towards additional sites, both geographically and online (more details in future posts).  We want to tell people the good news.  We want to see people take their next step.  We will pursue this unapologetically and relentlessly.   We hope you will join us in this challenge.

As the year goes on we will continue to see changes.  We will continue to work on finding a balance for camera projection, where the images help people see what’s going on during the service, whether they are in the sanctuary, in the lobby, on the Internet or in a different city.  The reason we have those big screens in the sanctuary is so if you aren’t in the first 10 rows in the center, you can still see what those front and center rows see.  You should be able to see the eyes of those on the platform if you want to.  Our eyes communicate so much; facial expression and body language account for 50% or more of what is being communicated, why should that be limited to only the front and center rows?  As always, Ken will continue to explore new music, new arrangements and new ways to create an environment to prepare us to meet with and hear from God.  We will add stage elements, drama and any other creative art elements that will help bridge the head – heart gap and make the message as practical for as many people as possible.  We don’t want to just hear the message, we want to be moved to action; we want to live a life of worship.

We are all educated well above our obedience level, it’s time to start living the things we learn.

Like it!