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a dying PC?

Posted by on October 8, 2010

I decided to set up shop at Starbucks this morning to get some writing done (something that is impossible for me to do in the office).  I noticed something interesting: 2 – ipads, 3 – Macbooks (not counting mine), 0 – MS Windows. 

What happened to the once unquestionable king of personal computing products?  There have always been products superior to Microsoft windows, but they’ve never been able to make their presence felt in the MS dominated market.  Why the current cultural love affair with the new personal computing darling – apple?  I have been perplexed at the incredible lust over the ipad, even though tablet computing has been around for years.  I used my first tablet about 6 years ago, and tablet PC’s are used regularly in hospitals and other highly mobile environments.  There are also many advantages to the tablet computer over the ipad and many (if not most) techs would argue that the ipad is a technically inferior tablet, with many more limations than the tablet computer running a full PC OS.  Yet, as with MS Windows years ago, the ipad has won the heart of the consumer.  Go figure.

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