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How to stay “in the loop” at Grace

Posted by on November 5, 2010

We know that everyone loves to hear from Pastor Rex.  It’s good that we have this opportunity every week! 🙂  We held a leaders meeting a couple weeks ago and one of the things that struck me was the volume of information we shared (2 hours non-stop!!) without getting into specifics of any ministry.  This made me think about how we stay informed at Grace and if there’s a better way.  I believe it would be good to do a "state of the church" address, maybe once or twice a year, where we can address overall direction and health of our organization, but more than once or twice a year for this type of meeting would be overkill.  We would also want to stay at a very high level so we could address information that is relevant to all ministries and campuses.  This type of meeting would be a great venue for all Grace Fellowship ministry leaders to come together, meet new leaders, connect with existing leaders and re-orient on forward direction.

But, this alone isn’t enough.  There is a lot of ministry specific information that needs to be communicated on a more regular basis.  The best place to get this information is from staff leaders.  We have multiple staff meetings and medium which we use to stay in touch with direction between staff.  I know several of our staff leaders keep a blog, we do regular updates through Twitter and Facebook, we have regular staff meetings, we have a staff blog and we meet and work through most major projects together as staff.  There is way too much going on in an organization the size of Grace for any one of us as staff leaders to know it all, but each of our staff leaders knows their area intimately and how it ties into the big picture.  This makes the staff leaders the best method for volunteer leaders to get regular information and to stay "in the loop". So ….. if you feel out of the loop at Grace, find your staff leader and let them know!  I know they will help.

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