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The kindle

Posted by on December 1, 2010

I fianlly got a kindle.  I think some people were surprised that i hadn’t gotten on sooner, as i am an avid reader.  I just couldn’t see it as a need. I’ve been reading paper books just fine for years.  I finally found a need; i am planning a leadership class that will use about 13 different texts.  I am weeding down these 13 from about 27 different books.  My goal is to get through all of these books in December. In order to do this with paper books i would have needed to carry MANY pounds of books around with me all the time, OR 1 lightweight device – the kindle.  So, that coupled with the fact that i got the kindle free from points earned on a credit card made the purchase easy. 

Before buying an e-reader i did some research.  There are many choices out there, but the most popular are the nook, the kindle and the ipad.  The ipad was reviewed as useless in sunlight by many sources and hard on the eyes by avid readers (due to the glossy screen and bright display).  If reading is your primary goal, e-ink is the preferred method for long term kindness to the eyes.  I decided on the kindle over the nook for a couple reasons: the kindle app itself and the integration to Amazon (at which i have a personal and corporate account).  I am very pleased with the decision.  I have been through about 6 books and still haven’t had to charge the battery.  The display is incredible, i can read on it for 3 or 4 hours straight with out issue.  The navigation is simple, its not a touch screen so all navigation is done via the device buttons.  The Kindle comes in two sizes, big and small:


I went for the small, is is lighter, easier to carry around and less expensive.  This was a good choice for me, as it is small enough to comfortably read anywhere i am without feeling awkward.

I also got the 3G option, which allows me to update and download content anywhere i can get a cell signal at no additional cost.

A couple of benefits i didn’t expect:

  1. i can take notes and highlight content, which is saved in a separate text file that i can export to my mac.
  2. all content is sync’ed on Amazons server, for ever.  This includes my notes file and current place in each book
  3. all of my kindle apps sync with eachother via the Amazon server, so if i am reading on my computer and move to my kindle, it knows where i left off on my computer.  And if i am reading on my evo,  i just stop and when i pick up my Kindle it is at the same spot as where i was on my evo.
  4. Books are considerably cheaper for the kindle than they are in print.
  5. 2 dictionaries included – AND when ever you bring a cursor to a work in the text you are reading, the definition for that word is displayed right where you are – i am a big fan of this feature!
  6. The ESV version of the bible – free
  7. The droid app for Kindle is really nice! (screen shot below)

All in all i am very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone that is an avid reader.  I am going to suggest to everyone who takes the class i am planning, as it is a great way to carry many texts with you where ever you go.

Like it!