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Posted by on January 12, 2012

Its amazing how hard the earth can feel under your feet, especially when you know you are about to leave it.

Jenny stole another glance over the cliff before recoiling back against the tree.  They were chanting her name, “Jen-ney, Jen-ney, Jen-ney”.
She didn’t want to turn her head and look at them, she knew they were laughing at her.  “she’s not gonna jump, she’s chicken!” Steve taunted as he ran right by her and off the edge of the cliff.  Jenny’s heart fell into her stomache as Steve’s feet left the ground beside her. She listened for the sound of Steve hitting the water which seemed a thousand feet below, then she held her breath waiting to hear him resurface and begin swimming back to shore.

She would have to jump eventuality or they would think she was a coward.  Jenny breathed deeply, savoring the warm summer air.  Memories of camping trips as a kid and the love and acceptance of her parents rushed into her mind.  She hoped it wouldn’t be her last breath as she closed her eyes and fell forward.

Do you ever find yourself desiring acceptence?  It’s normal, Most of us fear rejection to some extent.

Tune in this weekend as we  talk about the fear of rejection: Online

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