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Posted by on January 20, 2012

“Jeff”, Nancy’s voice startled me out of my introverted coma.  “We are doing the meeting at 10 this morning, right?”  Nancy asked as she noted the empty room.  “Yah, but you know how it is around here, always last minute”.  Or at least when the boss wasn’t calling the meeting.  Surely if Ben had sent out the invite everyone would show up 10 minutes early, eager to hear what the CEO had to say.

“Hey Jeff!” I glanced at the clock as Mike walked in, 4 minutes till 10.    “Hey” I retorted and forced a smile.  My gut wrenched.  It’s taken us 6 grueling months to come up with this plan, I can’t believe we’re gonna force a decision in just one hour.  What if Ben can’t understand the problem?  What if he doesn’t believe me? Can I explain this in an hour?

3 minutes to go. “Mike, did you see that game last night?”  Karen asked strolling in.  Wow, she didn’t even look at me.  Isn’t this my meeting?  I’ll bet she’s bent because we finalized the plan without her.  It’s not my fault she couldn’t make the last meeting.  If I waited for everyone to be available we’d never get anything done!  She’s going to make this painful.

“Morning friends” Ken beat the clock by 2 minutes. He isn’t making eye contact with me, what’s up with that?  This will barely affect his team, if anything it will make their lives easier.  Huh, he’s sitting right next to Karen!  What are they up to?

Why isn’t Ben here yet?  If one of my guys were holding a meeting this important I would be the first one in the room.  Ben is going to shoot this down, I know it! My credibility is shot – I am done here.  Where will I go?  I’ve given this place the best 10 years of my career.  I can’t start over.  Who is going to hire me now?  If this fails I’m through.

10:00 AM.  “Jeff, lets get started.  I have another meeting at 11.”   Ben appeared and the room snapped to attention.  Really?  You scheduled another meeting right after the most important meeting of the year?  Is everyone else delusional?  Don’t they know what’s at stake here?  This is going to be a train wreck, maybe I should just leave now and spend the rest of the day working on my resume.

“Sure Ben, I’m ready if you are.  This shouldn’t take too long…”


Failure can be paralyzing.  We work hard to see our efforts appreciated and rewarded and sometimes we fail.  Fear of failure may keep many of us from even trying sometimes.

Is it OK to fail?  What should we do when we fail?

Join us this weekend as Pastor Rex talks about the fear of failure:


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