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Fearing God

Posted by on January 2, 2012

Why is it so quiet? consciousness nags as I emerge from the fog of sleep.  In the still dead of night I can usually hear the kids breathing in the next room.  My feet search for the floor as the first rush of cool air hits and I escape from the warmth of our blankets.  I’ll just go check on them.  A quick glance at the clock reveals it’s 10 till morning anyway.  I head out in the direction of the door through blackness as thick as tar, the curse of night-blindness.  In the seconds between standing and reachng the saving nightlight of the hallway I wrestle unseen demons.  Am I going to step on anything that was carelessly left in my path?  Is there anyone else here?  Why can’t I see the hall light yet?

As I pass through the door, cold blue nightlight penetrates the lost dark place in my mind.  Ah,  better.  I enter Jared’s room and sit on the low sided bed.  I run my hand up and bring it down until it brushes the top of his head lightly.  There he is, my hand gently passes over his face.  The mixture of his soft breathing and warm skin let me know everything’s ok.  Thank you God for keeping him safe.  Every day of my children’s life is a gift from You.

But do I mean it or is it just perfunctory? If I dont thank God for my children will He take them away?  He who is all mighty, who has the power to give and take all at will?  How do I know if I please him, or if I will incur his wrath?  Is His justice greater than His love?  What is an appropriate fear of the all powerful but loving God?

 Do you ever wonder?  Lots of people do. We’re going to talk about fearing God this weekend.

Join us:, Sunday at 9 and 11AM.

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