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Staying busy

Posted by on April 4, 2012

Wow, not a single post in two months!  So, what’s been keeping me to busy to write?

Transition to Executive Pastor: As you know, we are going through a transition that will end in September with me in the Executive Pastor role at Grace.  I have been working with our team leads on team building and planning for budget season that will start very soon!  We will spend July putting together our budget proposal to achieve our goals for the new fiscal year which starts in September.

Discipleship process: If you attend Grace, you know our mission is to make more and better disciples.  Our method is the discipleship process.  We have been working on making the process clear and understandable.  We will be sharing where we are and what’s next with our leaders during a leaders meeting in 2 weeks!  We will also be introducing the spiritual life survey the week after Easter as we begin our discipleship series – a 4 part series focused on the importance of discipleship.

2 in 2:  We’re launching 2 new campuses!  Working with the executive team on planning, organizational structures, site locations / ideas, and Campus Pastor search.  We’ve identified our East Greenbush Campus Pastor!  We will be sharing this during the leaders meeting and the discipleship series.

Planning an apologetics class:  It’s been a while since i’ve taught apologetics so i am getting reacquainted with the topics, rediscovering my love of philosophy.  Look for the class at Grace this fall.  Also, look for a major midweek shift in the fall!

Finding a school for Jasmine: Jasmine is going into Jr high!  We are not crazy about Shen Jr High, so we have been visiting christian schools in the area.  I think we’ve nailed it down, hopefully our first choice will have an opening.

Gran Fondo:  My crazy friend Dave talked me into a 100 mile race from Manhattan up Bear Mnt and back at the end of May!  If it had been at the end of August i wouldn’t be as concerned, but 100 miles and 5 categorized / timed climbs after a long slow winter is a bit intimidating.  🙂  I’ve been trying spend about an hour a day on the bike.

Vacation: I am heading to Myrtle beach with my sister and the kids for a week off (bringing the bike so i can keep training!).  With all that’s been going on i am ready for a week of down time!

There’s a lot of good stuff going on at Grace. I will keep updates coming here as we begin rolling out new ideas!

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