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Because The Way We Live Matters

Posted by on January 9, 2013

I am just finishing reading “Start With Why”. It was a fun and thought provoking read. Like most books today, the content wasn’t new just arranged differently to make the authors point.

The book did provoke me to reconsider my “why” for what I do. I have devoted my life to helping others become better disciples of Christ because I believe the way we live matters. In short, if you were to ask me why I do what I do, I would answer “because the way we live matters”.

I believe this beyond the shadow of a doubt. Our culture has gotten lost in the consumer mentality with the promise of a free gift. Jesus died upon the cross and paid the debt for the way we (mankind) have lived, an action that we have no compensation for; we could never find a way to pay for what Christ did, we can never pay him back. But, something is required from us.

If someone offers you a free gift, you receive it right? I mean, a gift is not a gift if it is forced upon us; we of our own free will accept a gift or reject a gift – otherwise it’s not a gift but an obligation. In receiving a free gift, we have assumed the responsibility of gratitude and thankfulness, even when the gift is not what we expected, we still appreciate the giver. True gratitude and thankfulness should change your relationship and interactions with the giver of the free gift. If you don’t have gratitude or thankfulness for a free gift, you are unworthy of the gift and the giver.

So too with salvation. It is a gift so precious that there is no way we can even conceive of paying for it. It has been offered freely to us. Nothing we ever do once we receive the offer can ever repay the debt of this free gift. But, in receiving this gift of salvation we are obligated to be grateful and thankful to God. True gratitude and thankfulness towards God changes the way we live, if it doesn’t then we are unworthy of the gift and the giver. And this is the gift, in being the unblemished lamb, perfect and spotless, in order to take on our sins and pay the price we could never pay, Jesus left us an example of how we should live. Who gratefully receives a gift and leaves it hidden on a shelf? We must use this gift, this example of how to live. This is why Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but through me”.

The way we live matters. If we are not living in a way that reflects the life that Christ lived or at least making an effort to live more like Christ, then I question whether the gift was truly accepted or understood, or if there is any gratitude or thankfulness for this amazing and awesome gift.

The way we live matters.

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