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Fortune cookie wisdom

Posted by on January 4, 2013

fortune cookie

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” read skinny piece of white paper I tore from my fortune cookie.

Christa asked me if I believed that.  I thought for a second and responded “yes, I do”.

Taken at the surface its a cute saying, but if you let your mind play at the words for a moment, it’s a bit more profound.

We live in a free nation, where “do whatever you like” is a common mantra.  That’s what we consider freedom; the ability to do whatever we like – to pursue happiness.

But how often do we really like what we do?  We over eat because we can, then feel guilty for it.  We loose our temper because we can without consequence, then feel bad for it.  We pursue wealth as happiness because we are free to do so, only to find it only brings us despair.

Liking what you do is happiness.  Looking back on that good deed and feeling good about it.  That random act of kindness that leaves you with a sense of joy for days.  The peace that  comes after a good workout or a bit of self-control faced with a good meal.  Discipline leads to us liking what we do and that is when we truly find happiness.

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