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Author Archives: fdeno

Because The Way We Live Matters

I am just finishing reading “Start With Why”. It was a fun and thought provoking read. Like most books today, the content wasn’t new just arranged differently to make the authors point. The book did provoke me to reconsider my “why” for what I do. I have devoted my life to helping others become better … Continue reading »

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Fortune cookie wisdom

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” read skinny piece of white paper I tore from my fortune cookie. Christa asked me if I believed that.  I thought for a second and responded “yes, I do”. Taken at the surface its a cute saying, but if you let your mind play … Continue reading »

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leadership lesson 1243

I remember teaching my boy to ride a bike. We live on a hill, our driveway is about 100 feet long on a 9% grade with a large flat section at the top, also about 100 feet long.  Jared learned to ride his bike on the flat section at the top, but always lusting for … Continue reading »

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Thoughts on Patrick Lancioni

From Willow Creek Leadership Summit (Building a healthy organization) People need to be reminded more than instructed 2 requirements for success: be smart & be healthy 4 disciplines for org health 1. Build a cohesive leadership team 2. Create clarity 6 critical Q’s 1. Why do we exist (purpose) 2. How do we behave (core … Continue reading »

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Thoughts from Bill Hybels

Willow Creek Leadership Summit it’s a numbers game, sow a lot of seed. The more seed sewn, the more growth. stay curious never stop tinkering your energy is more precious than your time what’s my most important contributions to my organization? Pick 6 for 6 weeks visions are most vulnerable in the middle leading is … Continue reading »

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Life and Death

I am sitting here at the hospital with Mim (short for memere  french for grandma.  My father’s mother).  Mim is resting, somewhat quietly in a drug induced nap.  They give her something to “calm her down” when she starts to get aggressive.  Mim had a stroke last Thursday and has been in the hospital since.  The … Continue reading »

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More and Better disciples, it’s our mission. How do we make More and Better disciples? I can’t prescribed a process that churns out disciples on demand, but i can describe the framework we are using. This framework consists of 4 principles: Understand what Christ’s life looked like Reflect Christ’s life with your life daily (personal … Continue reading »

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Staying busy

Wow, not a single post in two months!  So, what’s been keeping me to busy to write? Transition to Executive Pastor: As you know, we are going through a transition that will end in September with me in the Executive Pastor role at Grace.  I have been working with our team leads on team building … Continue reading »

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“Jeff”, Nancy’s voice startled me out of my introverted coma.  “We are doing the meeting at 10 this morning, right?”  Nancy asked as she noted the empty room.  “Yah, but you know how it is around here, always last minute”.  Or at least when the boss wasn’t calling the meeting.  Surely if Ben had sent … Continue reading »

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Its amazing how hard the earth can feel under your feet, especially when you know you are about to leave it. Jenny stole another glance over the cliff before recoiling back against the tree.  They were chanting her name, “Jen-ney, Jen-ney, Jen-ney”. She didn’t want to turn her head and look at them, she knew they were laughing … Continue reading »

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