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Author Archives: fdeno

Fearing God

Why is it so quiet? consciousness nags as I emerge from the fog of sleep.  In the still dead of night I can usually hear the kids breathing in the next room.  My feet search for the floor as the first rush of cool air hits and I escape from the warmth of our blankets.  I’ll just go … Continue reading »

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Post Christmas Blues

The week after Christmas was one of my favorite until a friend of mine ruined it for me!(just kidding, read his post here: The Week After Christmas Sucks). I do like this week, there is something about the letdown after Christmas and the doldrums of the last week of the year mixed with the anticipation … Continue reading »

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I’ll be home for Christmas

Christmas is our holiday that we enjoy together as a family at home. This year we got up around 8AM and had breakfast together, spent some time talking about the meaning of Christmas and opened presents together. We don’t do a lot of presents; a couple stocking stuffers and a couple presents. We spent the … Continue reading »

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The cross thats not on our wall

Have you ever wondered why, unlike some churches, Grace doesn’t prominently display a cross on the sanctuary?  In the lobby? On the outside of the building?  After all, the cross is the symbol of our religion, right? I recently intercepted a great response that pastor Rex sent to someone who was asking a similar question: … Continue reading »

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Billy Graham said it best: “A generation ago, the question was ‘what is truth?’ Today, the question is ‘what’s the point?’” People are busy, skeptical, bombarded, and life is hard. They’re looking for answers that make a real difference in their lives. The value we provide grows in direct proportion to how easily people can … Continue reading »

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Boycott what?

A post on the Occupy Black Friday website claims the campaign is not an attempt to punish “small businesses or hardworking people.” “We must make a distinction between the businesses that are in the pockets of Wall Street and the businesses that serve our local communities,” the site said. According to the folks at Occupy … Continue reading »

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Wow, the last months been a whirlwind! Christa has started teaching again full time, Jaz and Jared are both in their school play. Jaz is in chamber choir. And we’ve been trying to have the house cleaned / repaired after a furnace malfunction that left black, oily soot everywhere. Add to that some significant changes … Continue reading »

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Who has gone before us?

A couple weeks ago i was at a dinner party with my wife.  There i met a gentlemen in his mid 80’s.  I spent the better part of the evening listening to and talking with him.  I was enthralled.  I left our conversation distressed, as it was a truly enjoyable conversation, much more so than … Continue reading »

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Its been a while

Hi Dad, Here i am, at your feet again. I need your wisdom. I need you to sit and talk like we used to. I am confused and strugling. You are the only mentor i’ve ever had that really knew me. That could see through the smile and the calm. That could see the fighting … Continue reading »

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Who’s your daddy?

If someone asked your kids about you what would they say?  Do they know what you do? What impression do you leave on them? A brutal statistic suggests that fathers have less than 5 minutes of meaningful conversation with their kids each day.  This is sad.  We as fathers are responsible for our children growing … Continue reading »

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