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Staying busy

Wow, not a single post in two months!  So, what’s been keeping me to busy to write? Transition to Executive Pastor: As you know, we are going through a transition that will end in September with me in the Executive Pastor role at Grace.  I have been working with our team leads on team building … Continue reading »

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I’ll be home for Christmas

Christmas is our holiday that we enjoy together as a family at home. This year we got up around 8AM and had breakfast together, spent some time talking about the meaning of Christmas and opened presents together. We don’t do a lot of presents; a couple stocking stuffers and a couple presents. We spent the … Continue reading »

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Its been a while

Hi Dad, Here i am, at your feet again. I need your wisdom. I need you to sit and talk like we used to. I am confused and strugling. You are the only mentor i’ve ever had that really knew me. That could see through the smile and the calm. That could see the fighting … Continue reading »

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It’s been 15 years …

I cant say that about many things.  In my life, long term has usually meant 4 – 5 years.     15 years ago yesterday Christa and i were married.  It is a day that has changed my life.  Since then we’ve been through a lot together, some of it good and some not so … Continue reading »

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Is prohibition really an answer?

The winter 2011 edition of Leadership Journal printed an interesting article on page 11, entitled “Pastor Blames Facebook For Divorce”. Hmm, that’s funny.  I thought divorce existed before Facebook??  OK, so i know the intended meaning was Facebook is causing additional divorces, but i don’t buy it.  Divorce is a problem of the heart, not … Continue reading »

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Elder care

As many people know, my grandmother (Mim) lives with us.  Mim is 89 years old and has advanced dementia.  Her body is strong and healthy, but her mind is fading.  With both the kids in school, Christa was looking to pick up a few more classes, but we knew we couldn’t leave Mim home alone.  … Continue reading »

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Jared and Jasmine are at the not so fun age if of sibling bickering.  We are working on forgiveness.  It is something that doesn’t seem to come naturally to kids.  Funny, they have a natural sense of justice but not forgiveness?  Very often i am saying to Jared, you need to forgive your sister.    This … Continue reading »

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Food for the soul

My boy Jared loves meat.  He’s quite the carnivore.  Very often when asked what he would like for dinner, he says “steak”.  As much as i enjoy hearing his answer, i know there is a limit to how much meat is healthy for him at this stage of his life.  Jared, like most children would … Continue reading »

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Jasmine on boyfriends

While we were in Buffalo for a family funeral (see this post for details), Jasmine and I had an interesting conversation.  Jasmine is in third grade and doesn’t have any “boy issues” yet, but this is not necessarily true of her friends.  While we were eating breakfast Jasmine informed me that a classmate friend of … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Another Year

My Brother Keith just celebrated his 37th birthday.  In most cases 37 isn’t anything extraordinary, but in Keith’s case, that’s not true.  Keith has struggled with heart problems since his mid 20’s, when one day his heart rate shot through the roof and never came down again on its own.  Dr’s never really figured out … Continue reading »

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