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Grace Fellowship

North Point Ministries

On Monday afternoon we had a conversation with Bill Willits, Bob Strickland and Joel Thomas of North Point Church about their multi site structure. North Point has an interesting matrix structure.  Bill leads North Point Ministries and Bob leads Campus Ministries.  Bill provides ministry coaches for all the core ministries at each campus and Bob … Continue reading »

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Life Church

We had a great conversation with Kevin Penry last Thursday.  Kevin is the central operations leader at and has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience in building a multi site church., in addition to being the creator of YouVersion, preaches the gospel to about 50,000 people a week in 5 states at … Continue reading »

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Multi site models

In the reading I’ve been doing, I see three major trends as it applies to the originating campus with multi site models: The church was established as a multi site church and there is not one main campus (multiple pastors, rotation / live preaching at each site). There is still central support for some functions, … Continue reading »

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Looking for an IT Director

Our IT manager, Curtis is moving to North Carolina. Curtis has been with us for a couple years and has brought our IT support to a new level. With Curtis leaving, we will be hiring a new IT Director. The right candidate will: Be a Christ follower (at least 3 years) and member of Grace … Continue reading »

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More and Better disciples, it’s our mission. How do we make More and Better disciples? I can’t prescribed a process that churns out disciples on demand, but i can describe the framework we are using. This framework consists of 4 principles: Understand what Christ’s life looked like Reflect Christ’s life with your life daily (personal … Continue reading »

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Staying busy

Wow, not a single post in two months!  So, what’s been keeping me to busy to write? Transition to Executive Pastor: As you know, we are going through a transition that will end in September with me in the Executive Pastor role at Grace.  I have been working with our team leads on team building … Continue reading »

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“Jeff”, Nancy’s voice startled me out of my introverted coma.  “We are doing the meeting at 10 this morning, right?”  Nancy asked as she noted the empty room.  “Yah, but you know how it is around here, always last minute”.  Or at least when the boss wasn’t calling the meeting.  Surely if Ben had sent … Continue reading »

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Its amazing how hard the earth can feel under your feet, especially when you know you are about to leave it. Jenny stole another glance over the cliff before recoiling back against the tree.  They were chanting her name, “Jen-ney, Jen-ney, Jen-ney”. She didn’t want to turn her head and look at them, she knew they were laughing … Continue reading »

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Fearing God

Why is it so quiet? consciousness nags as I emerge from the fog of sleep.  In the still dead of night I can usually hear the kids breathing in the next room.  My feet search for the floor as the first rush of cool air hits and I escape from the warmth of our blankets.  I’ll just go … Continue reading »

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The cross thats not on our wall

Have you ever wondered why, unlike some churches, Grace doesn’t prominently display a cross on the sanctuary?  In the lobby? On the outside of the building?  After all, the cross is the symbol of our religion, right? I recently intercepted a great response that pastor Rex sent to someone who was asking a similar question: … Continue reading »

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