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The value of kindness to your customers

I was reminded again this morning of the importance of clear signs.  I took my grandmother to daycare for the first time (Christa usually takes her).  We drove up and parked outside a very large building.  The front door was identified well, but when we got into the building there was no clear direction as … Continue reading »

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Gen Y at work

I’ve been reading Y-Size Your Business.  As much for the insight into the next generation as for insight on how to involve them in our mission.  It’s a pretty good, easy read.  Many of the principles presented are mix of good management practices applied to the specific nuances of gen Y and good parenting practices … Continue reading »

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a dying PC?

I decided to set up shop at Starbucks this morning to get some writing done (something that is impossible for me to do in the office).  I noticed something interesting: 2 – ipads, 3 – Macbooks (not counting mine), 0 – MS Windows.  What happened to the once unquestionable king of personal computing products?  There … Continue reading »

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If there were a peaceful way to "end the war on terror", would you advocate for it?  Before you just dismiss the question as foolish, think about it.  If there were a peaceful way, would you still advocate for war? My guess is most people who think about it for a little bit will say … Continue reading »

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I dream of a church …

In a meeting yesterday, Rex posed this question: "How would you end the following statement: I dream of a church where …" It was at the end of the meeting so i abstained from answering as i didn’t think i could do it justice in 5 minutes.  It is a great question though, and one … Continue reading »

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Friends and Family

Proverbs 17:17 Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble. Like it! Unlike

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I’ve been chewing on this post forever, mostly because I don’t think it will be appreciated.  It’s kind of a rant or pet peeve of mine, like the Sabbath day ;). I pretty regularly hear stories or have conversations with other “Christians” about their happiness.  Oddly enough, the story seldom goes “I am so happy … Continue reading »

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Will they come to us?

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Leading Smart by Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church.  Tim is incredibly innovative in his approach to church and very insightful in his observation of the world around us.  Earlier this week, Tim posted “The Shrinking 40%“.  Like most of Tim’s post, it provoked thought.  … Continue reading »

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Grace precludes earning NOT effort

I am reading Dallas Willard’s, “the Great Omission” and i came across the point that is the title of this post.  I have always believed that there is more to salvation than just “receiving the gift”.  We cant say “oh, i’m saved now i’ll just live like i always have!”.  I know that gift is … Continue reading »

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The Good Life

I am just finishing up "the Good Life".  Few books have been as instrumental in stretching my thinking on how we should live (two others are "The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down" and "The Ragamuffin Gospel").   Colson does an  excellent job of using stories that communicate meaning in a way that is easy … Continue reading »

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