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Because The Way We Live Matters

I am just finishing reading “Start With Why”. It was a fun and thought provoking read. Like most books today, the content wasn’t new just arranged differently to make the authors point. The book did provoke me to reconsider my “why” for what I do. I have devoted my life to helping others become better … Continue reading »

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leadership lesson 1243

I remember teaching my boy to ride a bike. We live on a hill, our driveway is about 100 feet long on a 9% grade with a large flat section at the top, also about 100 feet long.  Jared learned to ride his bike on the flat section at the top, but always lusting for … Continue reading »

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Thoughts on Patrick Lancioni

From Willow Creek Leadership Summit (Building a healthy organization) People need to be reminded more than instructed 2 requirements for success: be smart & be healthy 4 disciplines for org health 1. Build a cohesive leadership team 2. Create clarity 6 critical Q’s 1. Why do we exist (purpose) 2. How do we behave (core … Continue reading »

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Thoughts from Bill Hybels

Willow Creek Leadership Summit it’s a numbers game, sow a lot of seed. The more seed sewn, the more growth. stay curious never stop tinkering your energy is more precious than your time what’s my most important contributions to my organization? Pick 6 for 6 weeks visions are most vulnerable in the middle leading is … Continue reading »

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The Rob Bell debate

I determined early on not to get wrapped up in the Rob Bell controversy and to withhold comment until i had a chance to review “Love Wins” for myself.  That said, it is impossible to escape the commentary on the subject if you read any christian media today.  XP Tim Stevens blog is one of … Continue reading »

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Man -> Movement -> Machine

I want to give a shout out to Terra Nova church, who just celebrated their fifth birthday this weekend!  Good to see God’s blessings flourishing in you!!  Check out their annual report, they did a really nice job putting it together. I stopped by to participate in Terra’s celebration and heard Pastor Ed talk passionately … Continue reading »

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Reimagining Church

I started reading Reimagining Church by Frank Viola last week.  I read Peagan Christianity by Viola and Barna last year and enjoyed the book, so thought this would be a good read to take a break from leadership reading.   I am going to do something i rarely do, i’m putting the book down before finishing … Continue reading »

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Wikimedia is the  foundation that runs the suite of Wikipedia services that have changed the worlds thinking about knowledge management and collaboration.  As i was consulting Wikipedia this week (as i seem to do daily), i noticed a banner at the top of the page that read: Please read: a personal appeal from Wikipedia founder … Continue reading »

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How to stay “in the loop” at Grace

We know that everyone loves to hear from Pastor Rex.  It’s good that we have this opportunity every week! 🙂  We held a leaders meeting a couple weeks ago and one of the things that struck me was the volume of information we shared (2 hours non-stop!!) without getting into specifics of any ministry.  This … Continue reading »

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Gen Y at work

I’ve been reading Y-Size Your Business.  As much for the insight into the next generation as for insight on how to involve them in our mission.  It’s a pretty good, easy read.  Many of the principles presented are mix of good management practices applied to the specific nuances of gen Y and good parenting practices … Continue reading »

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