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Over the last week I have been trying to sort out how the Connect team helps accomplish the overall mission at Grace: How does the Connect team fit in the big picture?  We know why the connect team exists (our mission) and we know why Grace exists (to make more and better disciples by helping … Continue reading »

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Connect team planning

Last Wednesday and Thursday we took a drive to the Cape.  We spent two days planning; looking at the current body of work we are already doing, the projects we already have going on and the things we want to improve on.  The body of work is huge.  We identified more work than we can … Continue reading »

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2 new reads

I just finished up the second of two really good books i had not planned on reading.  The first was "Just Walk Across the Room" from Bill Hybels.  Bill does a great job of pointing out how natural it can be to share your story and the good news story through a relational approach.  He … Continue reading »

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Applying the gospel

The main problem in the Christian life, in other words, is not that we don’t try hard enough to be good. It’s that we haven’t accepted the deep implications of the gospel and applied its powerful reality to all parts of our life. There are two challenges for preachers, those of us called to announce … Continue reading »

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Umair Haque on leadership v. buildership

In a recent article posted to Harvard Business Review, Umair Haque cast his vote of no confidence in leadership as we know it today. I agree with many of Haque’s premises, but disagree that there is a difference between leadership and buildership.  Good leaders mature into leaders who build.  The contrast that Haque identifies is … Continue reading »

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Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

A couple weeks ago I had a good comment stream on my post “What is the purpose of the church?” I wanted to address one of the questions here, since I believe the question is asked by more people than we we may think. “My question is what is the purpose of church-the building. ‘Grace … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Fun

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today: Tim Stevens – and I was reminded of a very important principle; fun is important.  I know play is important because it helps us be creative.  We – like children – learn the most and are most creative when we are playing; fully engaged in … Continue reading »

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Choosing your team

Lets assume for a minute that you have an amazing ministry and people are more than willing to join your team; either by seeking you out or by simple invitation. If this is the case you will find yourself in a position to be selective about team members. You will want to choose team members … Continue reading »

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longevity of the church

Over the past few weekends, i’ve had the opportunity to converse with a few people whom i would assume are mature Christians.  This assumptions comes from their age (over 40) and their length of tenure at Grace (i’ve seen them around for years).  In general, i enjoy talking with more mature people and usually walk … Continue reading »

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A conundrum

I have great ideas all day long about things i want to write about.  When i finally have time to write at night, they’re  gone. Things i want to write about if i find my thoughts:Why i love working with artistsIn search of a good story For tonight though, thoughts on leading. I often have … Continue reading »

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