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The kindle

I fianlly got a kindle.  I think some people were surprised that i hadn’t gotten on sooner, as i am an avid reader.  I just couldn’t see it as a need. I’ve been reading paper books just fine for years.  I finally found a need; i am planning a leadership class that will use about … Continue reading »

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I realized (again) this morning that I like simplicity and summary. I asked Jeff if we could shorten the sermon title this week to “Deception”, to which Jeff responded “why?”. The only answer I could come up with is “I like one word titles”. Just seems like life should be that simple. 🙂 Like it! … Continue reading »

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R4L Tshirt challenge

I have been wearing a Ride Run Walk 4 Love T-shirt each day since our 2010 event. I am going to try to wear a RRW4L T each day until the next event on Sept.24 2011.(Don’t worry, I have 11 of them 😉 ) A friend suggested that I record the process in pictures, so … Continue reading »

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Going mobile again

It’s been several months with the new phone and I haven’t posted with it yet. Trying out postbot to see how it goes. Hopefully this will make it easier to post anytime, encouraging me to post more often. Like it! Unlike

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Oct 10 & 11 message

“INTEGRITY IS THE KEY TO POSITIVE INFLUENCE” 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:1 “Our message will always be heard in context with our character.” John Stott “One of the realities of life is that if you can’t trust a person at all points, you can’t trust him or her at any point.”  Cheryl Biehl in·teg·ri·ty <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img … Continue reading »

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We’ve learned this week that one of Jasmines gifts is seagull impersonation. She can mimmmick the seagull scream almost identicaaly. It,s quite amazing. 😉 As our vacation draws to an end I find myself at peace. I will miss the constant tat-tat-tat of the wind blowing in the beach umbrella, but I’m ready to get … Continue reading »

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Vacation day 2

We spent the day on the beach; knee deep in warm water. We were at Mayflower Beach on Cape Cod, where the ocean rolls out over a sand bar for hundreds of yards. When the tides out there are pools of warm water ever couple hundred feet. When the tides in you can walk out … Continue reading »

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Ice cream for dinner

You know it’s vacation when you have Dairy Queen ice cream for dinner. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the kids so happy to eat! Like it! Unlike

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Appreciating North Point Church

Christa and I joined our friends Jeff and Alexis at North Point Church for 9:00 AM service yesterday. North Point was our destination for this trip. I was curious to see what makes North Point so successful. I was impressed with how much thought and prep goes into the big idea. This is a common … Continue reading »

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Some Down Time

We headed out to the Miller family farm for a few days. Today is the third day, and I’m just starting to wind down. It always takes me a while to wind down. Russ and I took Jared for a hike this morning to look for cherry trees. It was a great hike through the … Continue reading »

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