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My Life

Staying busy

Wow, not a single post in two months!  So, what’s been keeping me to busy to write? Transition to Executive Pastor: As you know, we are going through a transition that will end in September with me in the Executive Pastor role at Grace.  I have been working with our team leads on team building … Continue reading »

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Grace role transition

Like you, people ask me all the time what’s keeping me busy.   We are going through a couple transitions at Grace which are keeping me busy, but the one that is keeping me busiest is my own.  If you dont know already, i am transitioning into the role of Executive Pastor at Grace.  We … Continue reading »

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It’s been 15 years …

I cant say that about many things.  In my life, long term has usually meant 4 – 5 years.     15 years ago yesterday Christa and i were married.  It is a day that has changed my life.  Since then we’ve been through a lot together, some of it good and some not so … Continue reading »

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Elder care

As many people know, my grandmother (Mim) lives with us.  Mim is 89 years old and has advanced dementia.  Her body is strong and healthy, but her mind is fading.  With both the kids in school, Christa was looking to pick up a few more classes, but we knew we couldn’t leave Mim home alone.  … Continue reading »

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Will they come to us?

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Leading Smart by Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church.  Tim is incredibly innovative in his approach to church and very insightful in his observation of the world around us.  Earlier this week, Tim posted “The Shrinking 40%“.  Like most of Tim’s post, it provoked thought.  … Continue reading »

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Gilded Cages

The Gilded Cage, Evelyn De Morgan We often live in gilded cages; trapped and lacking freedom, but in very comfortable surroundings.   We choose to stay in our cages because they are comfortable and safe.  If we choose, we could simply open the door of our cage and walk out, walk onto the stage of life.  … Continue reading »

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Fighting the wind and waves

I love the water.  We live on the banks of the Mohawk river.  I’ve also lived at the ocean in Virginia, where i learned to surf (every morning before work from March to Dec.).  We usually vacation at the ocean.  In the spring, white water rafting guide at the Hudson river gorge is my second … Continue reading »

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Vacation drawing to an end

In contrast to the first few days of vacation here in Key Largo, the last 5 days have been progressively warmer; reaching 72 on Thursday, 76 on Friday and 80 today.  We are really enjoying the warmer weather.  Jasmine, Jared and i went snorkling today.  The kids made it about 15 minutes in the water … Continue reading »

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Key Largo

We have a beautiful view out our back doors of the ocean (the back of the house is mostly glass).  The water looks amazing, you can see the aqua colors of the water reflecting off the white sand bottom, and the beds of coral reef just 20 feet out.  This would be paradise, except its … Continue reading »

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A crazy week

Its been a crazy week.  We cut over all our email, contacts and calendar from an in-house exchange server to Google apps.  We moved all of our disk storage to two new NAS servers. My brother had his Facebook account hacked and we tortured the hacker (see my Facebook page for the short story, its … Continue reading »

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