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Looking for an IT Director

Our IT manager, Curtis is moving to North Carolina. Curtis has been with us for a couple years and has brought our IT support to a new level. With Curtis leaving, we will be hiring a new IT Director. The right candidate will: Be a Christ follower (at least 3 years) and member of Grace … Continue reading »

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Wow, the last months been a whirlwind! Christa has started teaching again full time, Jaz and Jared are both in their school play. Jaz is in chamber choir. And we’ve been trying to have the house cleaned / repaired after a furnace malfunction that left black, oily soot everywhere. Add to that some significant changes … Continue reading »

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The kindle

I fianlly got a kindle.  I think some people were surprised that i hadn’t gotten on sooner, as i am an avid reader.  I just couldn’t see it as a need. I’ve been reading paper books just fine for years.  I finally found a need; i am planning a leadership class that will use about … Continue reading »

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Wikimedia is the  foundation that runs the suite of Wikipedia services that have changed the worlds thinking about knowledge management and collaboration.  As i was consulting Wikipedia this week (as i seem to do daily), i noticed a banner at the top of the page that read: Please read: a personal appeal from Wikipedia founder … Continue reading »

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a dying PC?

I decided to set up shop at Starbucks this morning to get some writing done (something that is impossible for me to do in the office).  I noticed something interesting: 2 – ipads, 3 – Macbooks (not counting mine), 0 – MS Windows.  What happened to the once unquestionable king of personal computing products?  There … Continue reading »

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Dunbar’s number, Granovetter’s research and why social media is worth my time

Dunbar’s number is a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is, and how each person relates to every other person.  Proponents assert that numbers larger than this generally require more restrictive rules, laws, and enforced norms … Continue reading »

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Competition is good

Being a recent recipient of the HTC Evo and working with several iPhone enthusiasts who are chomping at the bit for the new iPhone, I have been reading many comparative reviews of the two phones. The iPhone has been the long time, uncontested heavy weight champion of the smart phone world. The Evo is a new … Continue reading »

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You Version – GF group

If you are not familiar with You Version, it is an online community centered around the bible.  It’s a pretty neat service.  You can read the bible, listen to audio bibles, keep notes / journal, contribute to public discussion, and follow other peoples thoughts – all pertaining to scripture.  There’s a large selection of translations … Continue reading »

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Grace service live stream

More Than You Can Handle . When we launched Grace North over a year ago we upgraded our entire video stream to HD.  Everything from our cameras through the recording process is 1080i.  We have been recording our Saturday evening service and sending it to Grace North since the launch, so we have worked out … Continue reading »

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Why i like my mac

Notice i said like, not love.  My mac is an inanimate object that i will toss like an old shoe when it stops working.  It serves me and i do nothing for it, with a good conscience. That said, i do really appreciate my mac.  As most of you know, i am responsible for IT … Continue reading »

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