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Adobe Contribute

I installed Adobe CS3 today, Adobe Contribute came with it. I usually use MS Word to edit and publish my blogs (2007 has a nice feature that makes this easy.)  So far, I like Contribute. It seems to have some nice features and appears to do some things that MS Word doesn’t (fe. making it easy … Continue reading »

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Wow I found this cool…

Wow I found this cool new tool where I can call jott and have it transcribe whatever I say to my wordpress blog. Pretty cool. Like it! Unlike

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Not feelin the love

I have been working to update our phone system and service. We recently completed a set of offices upstairs and are working towards the launch of Grace North. Between these two projects, we realize our phone system wouldn’t expand to meet the needs. This is actually a good thing. When we change our phone service … Continue reading »

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New Cell Phone

I recently ordered a new cell phone from Sprint. I previously used a PPC6700. This wasn’t a bad phone, but it required you to interact with the touch screen (as opposed to being able to dial using the keypad). This is really tough for me since I literally have fat fingers without a lot of … Continue reading »

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Something New

We have a stack of old Dells laying around that I was hoping to use for some transient work spaces we will have. They were painfully slow running Windows XP and I didnt have enough MS Office licenses to add outlook to each. I decided to try Ubuntu Linux on them. I am pleasantly suprised. … Continue reading »

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